Intuitive Masters of Happiness Conference

Start being happier ON DEMAND by strengthening your intuition!  Learn how and why NOW is the time! Join us!

February 20-24 
Available 12:00 PM to 8 PM EST

You're Going To Learn ...

  • How to develop and strengthen your intuition
  • Techniques for tapping into your inner wisdom and making decisions with confidence
  • Strategies for increasing happiness and well-being in your life
  • Methods for enhancing your connection with the universe and finding purpose in life
  • Insights and inspiration from experts in the field of intuition and happiness
  • Why now is the crucial time in the world to discover and strengthen your intuition? 
  • How the Law of Attraction and following your intuition maximizes your happiness. 
  • What happens if you don't discover your intuition; what are you missing out on?

Plus so much more!

Meet The Intuitive Masters...

Get ready to be inspired by the wisdom and experience of our Intuitive Masters! These experts have dedicated their lives to understanding and strengthening intuition, and they are eager to share their insights with you. With a wealth of knowledge, passion, and expertise, our Intuitive Masters will guide you on your journey to happiness and personal growth. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the field.

Day 1 Intuitive Masters

Burge Smith-Lyons
Founder of Essence of Being/Transformational Coach

Discussion: Overview of what Intuition is and its amazing benefits and its role in becoming happier.

Theo van Dort
Executive Producer of Time of the Sixth Sun

Discussion: Why now is the crucial time to get in touch with your intuition and have the life you always wanted.

Geoffrey Hoppe
Founder of the Crimson Circle

Discussion: What does happiness means for humans and what it really looks like when you have finally discovered how to be happier.

Tom T Moore
Author of The Gentle Way

Discussion: First steps to awakening your intuition using his MBO technique and stories of people who use it with miraculous results.

Day 2 Intuitive Masters

Lola Jones
Creator of the Divine Openings Path to Happiness
Discussion: What it’s like to have a strong intuition, how she lives life this way, and guides us through a bonus meditation.

Nancy Matthews
Author/Speaker and Co-Founder of Women’s Prosperity Network

Discussion: How we discover our own intuition.

Barry Auchettl
The Blockbuster/Life Visionary/Best- Selling Author and star of the movie Vision 2020

Discussion: How to clear your blocks to your intuition and how he regained perfect eyesight without surgery or glasses.

John Stringer

Discussion: The different ways our intuition speaks to us and how to recognize it in our everyday lives and what we might be missing. Music for the conference is written and performed by John and he will perform the whole song at the Conference.

Day 3 Intuitive Masters

Vickie Gould
Sound Healer/Herbalist

Discussion: How her intuition led her to healing her body from autoimmune disease and how sound is a powerful healing tool.

Rachel Archelaus
Intuitive Artist/Founder of Intuitive Art Academy

Discussion: How intuitive artistic creations help boost your intuition connection and get answers immediately.

Marcia Bench
Spiritual Business Coach/Speaker/Trainer/28-Time Author

Discussion: Why following the old life plan we were handed by older generations didn’t include following your intuition and why that plan no longer works for the life we want today.

Kelly Suttell
Integrative Healing Facilitatory/Co-Founder of Yoga for Life

Discussion: How to learn to trust your intuition more and more.

Day 4 Intuitive Masters

Maria Grossbaum
Intuitive Artist/Teacher

Discussion: Encouraging listeners all ages, artist or not, to create, paint, draw, anything as a very strong tool to build and strengthen your intuition.

Michelle Mirpour
Founder of Organized Life by Michelle

Discussion: How to declutter your life from the inside out and how to get out from being stuck by using your intuition.

Brian Baird
Business Coach/Speaker/Author/Podcast Host

Discussion: Why developing your own value pillars to live your life by helps your communication with your intuition.

Melinda Van Fleet
Certified Next Level Life & Business Coach/Author/Podcast Host

Discussion: How you can recognize your intuition today and you may have already been using it and didn’t know it! How intuition leaves breadcrumbs for you and how to find them.

Day 5 Intuitive Masters

Tessa Greenspan
Best-Selling Author/Renown Women in Business Influencer

Discussion: What intuition really is and how forming certain daily habits can help you develop your intuition and strengthen it. How her mother influenced her to write her book From the Outhouse to the Penthouse.

Maytte Dusseau
M.S.Ed/CEO/Founder of Inspiring Your Best Life/Law of Attraction Coach/Speaker

Discussion: How Law of Attraction and Intuition are strongly related and understanding both improves your path to happiness the most.

Kathryn Yarborough
Speaker/Coach/Author/Founder of Vibrant Entrepreneurs Circle

Discussion: How to embrace your current situation now and reduce resistance to open up the flow of opportunities and your intuition connection.

Lois Koffi
Best-Selling Author/Podcaster/12-week Year Trainer/Transformational Speaker/Coach

Discussion: What happens when you don’t follow your intuition and how to get your power back. She talks about her struggle with addiction and how intuition played a part in her recovery.

Disclaimer: Watching this conference does not guarantee happiness or relieve you of depression, anxiety or pain.  The methods and testimonies here resulted from experts' personal experience and/or training.  Please reach out to a therapist, practitioner or coach for specific personal guidance. 

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